Legalese & Contact

This page is mostly directed to copyright or distribution right holders and is thus written in English.

If you want the content you have rights for to be taken off this blog, you can send your complaints at While it’s unlikely for us to stop working on a series, a valid complaint will ensure your content with our subtitles will not be linked directly anymore on this site.

(If you didn’t figure it out yet, we strongly oppose copyright mafia of any kind, and we’d really appreciate that you’d just leave us to be unless you have distribution rights in Finland. Finnish speakers are naturally the target group of our Finnish subtitles and can’t otherwise enjoy these series without going through difficult and expensive importing processes, and even then they’d have to do with English subtitles, so this is the best we’re able to offer them.)

Also, another note; not too much related to the actual subpage subject, but since the e-mail link is here, let’s just make it known that we are not interested in any kind of link exchange or SEO with any unrelated company. Whoever needs to find us will do so without your dubious help. So don’t bother e-mailing your offers, thank you very much.